Superintendent's Message

Bronco Nation,

The Texas Education Agency, at the direction of the state legislature, has created a new accountability system that attempts to quantify all aspects of the school system into a single letter grade. The letter grade is still based heavily on a single test given over the course of a year. Meadow I.S.D feels strongly that our students, teachers, and staff can’t be defined by a single letter grade. I acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of TEA and Commissioner Morath in creating the new system and the efforts to consider the input from many resources around the state. Although Meadow I.S.D received a “Met Standards” rating with an overall numerical value of 80 in the new system we feel that there are so many different variables that go into a quality school district. We want to evaluate ourselves not only by the measures from Austin, but all experiences of our staff, students, and parents including our extra-curricular and co-curricular programs. Meadow is very blessed to have a school board that is totally invested in providing what is best for our students. We have had many discussions about various philosophical and technology advancements for our small rural district to stay relevant in an ever-changing society. Meadow I.S.D also prides itself on providing the resources to our staff that allows them to perform at their highest level, while remaining focused on doing what is best for all students.

Financially through a combination of the Region 17 service center, school board, and administration Meadow I.S.D has received an “A Superior Rating” on our Financial Integrity Rating for the 2017-2018 school year. Our school district is fortunate to have a solid general fund which has us in good shape for the future.

On another note, I want to thank the community and staff for an outstanding “Meet the Broncos” night. We need to give a big shout out to Atmos Energy for sponsoring the hot dog supper for all attendees. Also, Peoples Bank and Meadow First Baptist Church for sponsoring meals for our teacher’s in-service. With everyone’s contributions it has allowed for a very nice beginning to our school year. Our enrollment looks as if it may be up a few students from last year, but final numbers will be settled over the next couple of weeks. I can’t be happier with the preparation of our staff in preparing for the start of the year. The year has started on such a high note and we expect it to get better with each passing day. I am blessed to be part of an amazing team and we are looking forward to another great year at Meadow I.S.D serving the best children West Texas has to offer