News Article

Bronco Nation,

The 2018-2019 school year has seemed as if it is in hyperdrive moving so quick.  I would like to take the time to give a mini “State of Meadow ISD” report.

  • Friday February 22, 2019 we will have a contractor on campus removing 3 windows from our elementary building.  This will present an eye sore in these three areas that we may have to endure for some time.  The reasoning is that we are trying to get accurate pricing for replacing all the windows in the elementary building.
  • We are also looking into updating our phone system which would allow a phone to be installed in each of our classrooms.  The rationale is for communication between campuses and feel this is a safety upgrade by having a phone in all classrooms.
  • We are in the process of installing an intensive response to Intervention (RTI) program to help our elementary students out.  We have ordered a curriculum that should be in place after Spring Break
  • The Board has also approved a lighting upgrade project for the entire district.  We are also hopeful that this will be done around the Spring Break time frame.
  • We will be having a school board election this year with 5 people running for 2 spots.  We are very fortunate to have several great people that care about kids

Meadow ISD will always welcome thoughts and prayers for our school district and for the safety of all the travel to and from our many events.  We have many activities starting up which will keep our kids very busy the last 3 months of school. 

I want to thank all the parents with their help containing the flu outbreak this year.  Although we still have a few out I’m hearing much less coughing and sneezing down the hallways.  As testing approaches, I’m asking for your help by making sure the kids are getting plenty of rest after their reading homework every night.  Notice I mentioned reading every night.  Reading each night will help in so many ways for us to reach our goals here at school.

Thank you, Bronco Nation, for continuing to let me serve the students of Meadow ISD

Darrian Dover